They say once you find true love, you should hold onto it, right? But what if you’ve found said love in an old pair of washed out Levi's? When you buy them you know that they won't be around for ever, but their thread barren days often come too quickly. Do you wear them until all you're left with is nothing more than denim underwear? Do you patch and repair until your original baby blues are hardly recognizable? Or do you set yourself on a seemingly impossible mission to find the exact fit in the exact size in better condition so you can fall in love all over again? My life, ladies and gentlemen (or at least my problematic denim life).

About a year ago I stumbled across a sidewalk church clothing sale - everything was a dollar. The sweet tiny lady hosting the sale held my my dog while I rifled through a bunch of worn out Northern Reflection pieces and ill fitting outerwear. Seconds before calling it quits and heading home, I saw the perfect shade of worked in denim poking out from under something fluffy and glittery (in hindsight I probably should have taken a look at that too). I grabbed the jeans, and held them up, not thinking much more than ‘they're worth a shot’. I told the woman I would take them (it was the least I could do after my dog dragged her down the block multiple times trying to catch squirrels), and I was on my way.

Charlotte and I got home and I was quick to strip down and pull on the pants. After doing up the button and doing a full turn in front of the mirror, I stood there amazed; I had just found my perfect pair of jeans laying on a sidewalk corner.

That's where the love story began, but after a year of wear, these jeans have seen better days. Now I spend much of my time on eBay, hoping one day an ad reading ‘Almost new, hardly worn’ will spring up and I'll be able to renew my love for a pair of jeans that have treated me so well.

Until then, I will continue to wear these jeans until there is nothing left of them, because I'm okay with being the clingy one in the relationship.

Tee: The Heck Telepathy
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Photos Pat O'Rourke