I grew up thinking wearing one colour from head to toe was something only grandmothers were supposed to do. I had such an appreciation for how many pastel suits one woman could own, and looked forward to the day when I would spend my time searching for the perfect polyester slacks to match my rayon knit cardigan. But why wait any longer? Why not make my colour matching dreams come true now? So here I am, recently 24, taking my elderly lifestyle to the next level. I’m starting things off with a bang - a full on red outfit - maybe not the look my grandmother would be sporting, but like I said, I’m not 80 yet.

P.S. Shoutout to my new favourite Gucci shades - you’ll be seeing these in every post for the rest of forever.

Photos Pat O'Rourke

Sunglasses - Gucci
Jacket - Vintage (Dad's High School jacket - similar here)
Crew Neck - Vintage (similar here)
Pants - Vintage (similar here)
Shoes - Nike Cortez 72 
Necklace - Above Average 
Earrings - Above Average
Ring - Custom (Similar here)