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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure - a statement in which I am a strong believer. There’s nothing more thrilling than walking down the street and coming across an item that seems like it could only exist in your dreams, yet, here it is! You look at the house in which it’s sitting in front of, because of course someone was likely just unloading their car and is coming back for this gem. You wait a minute. No sign of movement in the house. You pick it up. You wait another 30 seconds, preparing to explain yourself to this masterpiece’s rightful owner. Your heart’s beating fast. You look up and down the street - should you run? No no, you’re a grown adult, not a cat burglar. Finally, it dawns on you - someone threw this out! They left it on this fine sidewalks because they didn’t want it anymore! You tighten your grip and commence your speed walk home. Your legs are moving a little too fast for your body to keep up with and you trip on a crack. No harm done, you catch yourself. Who cares if you had originally been on your way to meet your gal pal for coffee, you need to get this home because you already know exactly where it will go. You struggle to find your keys once you reach your front door, then you struggle to open the door. You finally get inside and sprint across the apartment to where your new found treasure will live. Your arms feel like they are going to fall off, but you place it down just in time. Sigh. This feels right. And to think, someone elses garbage was the piece you had been searching for to complete that corner of your apartment.