I like wearing mens clothing - always have, always will. Take this outfit for example, aside from the accessories which are ladies, and the jacket which once belonged to a small boy, everything else is meant for a man.

When it comes to clothing I’m a strong believer in wearing what you like. Why does it matter if these jeans were made for a guy? I think my butt looks great in them! And who cares if you’re a dude that likes wearing ladies shoes! If you feel amazing in what you’re wearing, that’s really all that matters. You should be the only one you’re looking to impress when you get dressed. You, and on the off chance you bump into Leandra Medine, maybe her too.

Photos: Pat O’Rourke

Hat: Vintage (similar here)
Glasses: Vintage (similar here)
T Shirt: Blue Tile Lounge
Jacket: Vintage
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Vans