I'm currently sitting on my dads couch in Haliburton, Ontario and if you don't know where that is, you're not alone, but it's -22 degrees celsius and blizzarding. Having just come out of an extreme cold spell, into 4 days of unseasonably warm spring like weather, and now back into the deep negatives, I've had a taste of pleasant weather and don't want to go back. 

I always find dressing around this time of year extremely difficult. The clothes you've been wearing the past few months seem dull and boring, but you're not ready to invest in a spring wardrobe because it's still freakin' freezing out. The shops don't have their newest gear in so you're looking elsewhere for inspiration, but you just wind up in the same outfit day after day. Hello dickies, sneakers, and a hoodie. 

Here is a collection of clothing I spend my days dreaming about, wishing that I was wearing as the days get warmer. But alas here I am in my turtleneck hoodie combo, sitting by the fire, dealing with the -22 reality.