Do white pants evoke the same fear in you as they do in me? They're terrifying. Coming from someone as clumsy as I am, it's likely the thought of being out for the day and spilling on them. With jeans or darker pants, when you dribble coffee down your front, it just kind of blends in. When you do the same with white pants you have to spend your day as a walking target for unwanted stares and looks of judgement (at least that’s the way the fish tale is told at the end of the day).

All scares aside, this is my first pair of white jeans and I’m really into them. They’re a heavy enough weight so they aren’t see through, and the back patch pocket is so good! The waist is the perfect level of highness, and the cropped length is just as awkward as I like it. Everlane really knocked it out of the park with these ones.

So have I been converted to someone who wears white jeans regularly? Probably not, because I’m not expecting to get any less clumsy. But for the right pair, I might wear them semi regularly when I’m not planning on sitting or eating or being close to life and people.

Photos Pat O'Rourke


Sunglasses - Gucci
Tee - Vintage 
Pants - Everlane
Shoes - Zara (Similar here)
Purse - Baggu
Earrings - Above Average Studio
Necklace - Above Average Studio
Ring - Custom (Similar here)