There is nothing about Sketch that I didn’t love (aside from the fact that eventually, they make you leave). We were lucky enough to visit while the Mayfair Flower Show was on, so the already beautiful space became so much more beautiful with the addition of thousands of pink roses, wildflowers, and burning Diptyque candles.

As you approach the building, you know you’re headed to the right place because they’ve created a beautiful display of flowers, vines, and moss draping the entire frontside of the venue. As you step inside the door, you’re instantly surrounded by flowers. All of the greenery forms an arched pathway that you have to walk through until you meet a man and woman at the end of the hopscotch (it was drawn on the ground (not joking)). The woman is dressed in all pink with flowers in her hair, and the man in a suit with an oversized boutonniere pinned at his neck in place of a bow tie.  

They direct you down the hall to the Gallery at the bottom of the stairs. As you exit the floral archway you enter the next room that is filled with roses. On the right next to a large photo of the queen with her eye closed, is a small couch adorned with hundreds of pink roses built up to feel like you are sitting in a throne. Just past that is the stairs that leads you to the large pink doors that open to the Gallery.

As you enter the Gallery, it’s just as you imagined. Everything is pink, white, and gold, and the walls and tables are filled with the work of David Shrigley. A man at a pink desk to the right of the entryway greets you and shows you to your table.

From then on you meet many people throughout the course of your stay - the Team Master, the Tea Master, the Caviar Man, the Bottle Popper, and so on. You are brought dish after dish and teapot after teapot of deliciousness, and if there is something you really enjoy, they’ll bring you more. You eat so much by then end of the meal you’re confident you’re sweating out confectioners sugar.  

With all the tea you’re drinking, multiple pee breaks will be necessary, but be sure to bring your camera, because it’s probably one of the cooler bathrooms in existence. After passing through another set of pink doors, a lady in a french maid costume greets you and directs you up one of two staircases. The ceiling in the bathroom is blocks of coloured lights that reminds me of maybe a disco or a video game. There, you find toilet pods - egg shaped individual toilet stalls that almost make you feel like you’re stepping into a spaceship. Each toilet pod is lit inside by a coloured light, so also a fun place to take selfies. The mirrors in front of the sinks are rounded and distort your image, which in my opinion totally makes sense for a sort of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel. If you head back down the stairs, and if you're there for dinner, you can nip into a super cute and equally glamorous bar in between the stairs leading to the toilets. Because who doesn't love a cocktail before heading back to join their dinner table.

One of my favourite things about Sketch (besides everything) was the dishware. All the teapots, sugar bowls, salt and pepper shakers were little misshaped white ceramics with more of Shringley’s artwork on them. So if anyone wants to have regular tea parties with me, let me know so I can justify buying the whole set! Lol.

All and all, if you’re visiting London or live there, it is a crucial life experience to visit Sketch. There was one point during tea where I said to Pat ‘I could cry I’m so happy,’ and I really meant it. It was definitely one of my favourite experiences within our 2 week vacay, and I can officially check it off my bucket list.


Photos by me and Pat O’Rourke

Top - Urban Outfitters
Pants - Everlane
Shoes - Everlane
Earrings - Vintage
Bag - Vintage