Coming to you live from day 13 of self isolation, it's Saturday Night!!!! Well, it's actually Saturday afternoon, but everything is just kind of blurring together at this point now isn't it? The fact that I even knew it was Saturday I'll consider a win.

I've been home with Pat and Charlotte now for nearly two weeks straight, and due to my recently found unemployment (yes, I too am victim to the COVID layoffs), I've had a lot of time to browse the web and dream of things I would love to own. During this time where employment insurance is my source of income, I won't be spending any money on anything that isn't a necessity, so basically I won't be buying anything on this list. BUT!!! A girl can dream can't she?

If this hoodie isn't a reflection of the times, I don't know what is! The contrast between the cutsie floral print and the heaviness associated with the word anxiety can be interpreted in so many ways, but this graphic is so well done you can also look at it without even seeing a deeper meaning. *Bonus points* $5 from the purchase of every Anxiety Hoodie gets donated to Canadian Mental Health Association!

Hayley Elsaesser - Anxiety Hoodie - $60CAD

In an attempt to simplify my hand washing routine, I've decided to temporarily forgo ring wearing for the duration of COVID's rein. While on average my phalanges are home to no less than 7 rings, I dream of a future where I can add even more rings into the mix, starting with this shining star from Sunday Feel. Made from solid recycled sterling silver, she is a weighty vision, and one I hope to one day find intermingling with the other rings that call my hands home.

Sunday Feel - The Star Signet - $160

Y'all already know I love this bag... I've literally been talking about it for the last year. BUT! Given the current global situation and the added time we now all have for naps, does this nearly $700 bag have added value because it is no longer just a purse, but also an actual pillow?! Do you see how far I can go trying to justify things I love? As the mask once said, somebody stop me.

Marc Jacobs - The Pillow Bag - $655

I frickin love puzzling. I did an Areaware puzzle 2 puzzles ago pre-isolation and it was challenging yet wildly enjoyable. I have 2 more puzzles to do before I can allow myself to consider getting another, but hundo p it's going to be this one!

Areaware Puzzle - $25

Okay, okay, okay. I know I said I wasn't buying anything on this list, but I'll be honest with you, I bought these nail art brushes this morning on Amazon. They were only $8.99, and with the aforementioned temporary retirement of my rings, my hands really need some spicing up! Now, most of my nail art doing happens on the computer where I draft up my designs then take them in to be executed by a professional, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Will my at home nail art ever see the light of the internet? Perhaps not. But will these brushes provide me with hours of entertainment and more likely hours of frustration? I think so.

Nail Brushes - $8.99

I'm really having a hat moment right now. Is it because in these times of self isolation I have given up on washing my hair and have taken to finding alternative ways of concealing that? Perhaps. But it could also be because the use of satin, crystals, and rich soul enveloping colour in a Ruslan Baginskiy hat twists and turns my stomach in ways often referred to in science I believe as 'butterflies'. Whatever the matter, I am here for this hat, and in return, wish it were also here for me.

Ruslan Baginskiy - Rhinestone Logo Breton Hat - $651


I customized these AF1 High's with the pink details, and they are cute af. When I am not living off the governments dollar, I will buy these. I don't know what else to tell you.

Nike Air Force 1 High - Custom - $165