Packing for a trip is hard. Packing for a 2 week long trip when you have no plans of doing laundry is even harder. Every item you bring has to match every other item you bring, and they all have to fit in a suitcase like Ikea items fit in a shipping box.

When it came down to really deciding what I was bringing, I went with a lot of white tees, a few pairs of pants, and the hopes of finding a really great spring jacket along the way (see denim jacket in photos). Parisian people always look great in the simplest of outfits, so my plan was to take a note from them, and simplify.

I tried to leave the house each morning in outfits that I would be comfortable enjoying drinks in in the evening, so aside from the backup sneakers in my tote, this was it.


Photos by Pat O’Rourke

Jacket - Thrifted (Similar here)
Tee - Uniqlo
Pants - Vintage Dickies (Similar here)
Bag - Le Mont St Michel
Shoes - Everlane
Earrings - Vintage