Nothing about this outfit is new. The earrings - purchased at a garage sale, the pants - vintage and gifted to me by my lovely coworker, and the rest of it, Value Village.

I strike out a lot of the time at VV. Unless you’re really in the mood (and have had the right amount of coffee), rifling through racks of clothing (that for the most part don’t interest you) can be quite the task. And on top of that, speaking for Toronto, the product in the thrift stores are usually extremely picked over.

Every now and then when given the opportunity, I like to hit up the thrift stores in suburban areas. Which brings me to what I am wearing in this post. All of the thrifted items were found in one Value Village outside of Toronto (shout outs to Mississauga!). Not likely as frequented by the younger crowd, this VV was packed full of gems.

Although I would love to dress in head to toe Gucci, my wallet doesn't support those dreams. So until I win the lottery, I'll continue to find thrills in hunting down amazing pieces that usually cost me less than $15. My suggestion to you? Rent a car, borrow your mums car, take a bus and get out of town to do some shopping. One thing I know for certain is there are a bunch of little suburban grandmothers out there donating half their wardrobe before making the move to Florida. 

Photos: Pat O'Rourke