I ordered Lash Slick minutes after I woke up the morning of the launch. After catching onto the hints of the new product (see ITG mascara article and a Glossier's super cute gram of a cow with lashes of an angel), I was prepared with my credit card on my bedside table, and Glossier.com opened on my cell's web browser. I ordered one for myself and one for Vanessa before even reading the product description or claims of what Lash Slick would do for my lashes. I headed to Instagram after to see what, in my opinion, was a very natural looking but lengthening mascara. While I personally always seek out mascaras that offer a lot of volume, I was still looking forward to Lash Slick as I have yet to be disappointed by a Glossier launch. 

From that moment on I spent most of my time refreshing my orders' tracking and staring out my front window looking for the delivery man (as I do the second I hit 'Confirm' on any online purchase). The cute little cardboard box with the pink tape was delivered to my workplace on my day off, so you can bet your bottom dollar the next morning I headed to work sans mascara avec eyelash curler ready to finally complete my full face of Glossier. 

I tore open the packaging, grabbed the goods, and headed for the closest mirror. With my coworkers watching, I stood in a dimly-lit room and slowly combed Lash Slick through my lashes. The plastic bristled brush kept my lashes clump free and separated, and the fibres added definite length. I very quickly applied two very light layers and stood there staring at myself as if expecting fireworks to explode behind me upon completion of application. Obviously, nothing happened, but I didn't feel as though my world had just changed like I thought it would. My coworkers and I all agreed that it was a very nice mascara, but you know, not out of this world. A tiny bit disappointed, I packed the mascara back into its pink bubble pouch and started my shift.

I went home that night and sat in front of my mirror preparing to remove my contacts, remove my face, remove my bra (in that order), and I noticed how not run down my eyes were looking. At the end of the day and after a wide assortment of activities, my eyelashes are usually half their length with their former selves crumbing in the hollows beneath my eyes. But there they were, fully intact. Even though my bangs continuously insisted on intertwining with them throughout the day, my lashes stood their ground and stayed strong. I was impressed. So much so that I was really looking forward to another chance at application the next morning. I continued to get 'unready', and washed my face with warm water and Milky Jelly Cleanser. Lash Slick rinsed away with ease. Once again, I was impressed.

The next morning I woke up with a pep in my step really looking forward to round two with the new mascara. This time, I sat at my well lit makeup table and applied my first coat of Lash Slick. I really got in there and made sure each lash got a thorough coat. I waited ten seconds to let the product dry a little before going in with a second coat, and hello volume! Lash Slick built up to my preferred volume, while still giving me the extreme length it promises (my lashes literally touch my eyebrows now). I was thrilled! These were the lashes I was hoping for! The fireworks were going off!! With a grin on my face larger than a grapefruit slice, I wrapped up my beauty routine and set out on my day, lashes batting away.

When EOD rolled up, I was once again shocked - no crumbling, no smudging, nothing. Just my lashes looking exactly as they did that morning. 'Magic' isn't listed on the ingredient label, so the credit has to be given to science, which makes me wonder what these chic scientists take in school to figure out how to create such beauty miracles.

ANYWAY - long story/review short, do I love this mascara? Yes. Is Lash Slick my new go to girl? Yes. Should you buy Lash Slick? Yes - it's going to be a really great journey for you.