New to the Glossier lineup is Solution - a gentle, hydrating, chemical exfoliant that's putting in the hard work to keep your skin clear, glowy, and fresh. I've been using Solution for about 3 weeks now and after just a few applications within the first week, I noticed enough difference in my skin to offer Solution permanent residency in my daily routine. Trust me guys, it's good. 

Before giving Solution a go, I was very new to chemical exfoliants. I had thought about chemical exfoliants, but that's as far as I had gone into a seemingly scary world. Lucky for me, I was able to participate in an educational "exfoliation" session with Glossier and ask all the questions that had me stumped. SO, before we talk about the specifics of Solution, lets talk about exfoliating overall and what good it will do for your skin. 

Why is exfoliating important?
Exfoliation is such an important part of the skins lifecycle - dead skin is sloughed away, encouraging cell turn over which leads to the clearer, glowier, fresher skin of our dreams! 

What is the difference between physical and chemical exfoliants?
Physical exfoliants are just that - physical. They are the things used to scrub off the dead skin. This can be a face cloth, a face wash with beads or grit in it, a dry brush, etc. A chemical exfoliant is a product that utilizes different acids to dissolve bonds holding on to dead skin cells, allowing for their sloughing. While chemical exfoliation may sound more intense, physical exfoliation can be more harmful to the skin as it is often easily overdone, and can cause micro-tears in the skin. 

What are the benefits of chemical exfoliants?
Chemical exfoliants offer quite a few benefits; they reduce pore size, reduce blackheads and breakouts, reduce redness, and increase skin brightness. They remove dead skin making the other products you're using absorb easier, thus making them more effective. They help prepare a better "canvas" (your face) for makeup application by removing the flakey skin making everything go on smoother (and if your skin is anything like mine come winter time, this is a must).

Now that we know the basics of exfoliating and what makes it so beneficial, lets talk about Solution. Solution does what you'd hope a chemical exfoliant would - it sloughs away the dead skin cells leaving your skin clearer, fresher, brighter and glowier. While other chemical exfoliants can smell terrible, Solution is a quick, easy, and pleasant smelling addition to your skincare routine. It can be used allover, or as a spot treatment to unclog pores daily. It comes in a cute pink shimmery bottle and makes a great addition to anyones makeup table/bag/vanity/sink. 

If you had seen the state of my forehead before starting use of Solution (I literally looked like a snake shedding its skin), in comparison to now (clear of all scales), you'd already be on the Glossier website ready for checkout. But because I am lacking a before and after, you'll just have to trust me on this one - Solution is what your face has been looking for, whether it knew it or not. 

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