Welcome to Canada, Glossier! I'm obviously very excited lol. If you read my previous post about Glossier, you know I've spent the last 2 years or so convincing friends to let me utilize their USA vacay shipping addresses to get my G fix, so naturally, I am thrilled to have Glossier delivered right to my front steps!

One of my favourite things about Glossier is their promotion of real beauty - not hiding flaws, but enhancing what you have. Now I can't lie, I do love going wild with makeup, but on a day-to-day I don't care to spend a million years sitting in front of my mirror. I want something that I can smudge on with my fingers in less than 15 minutes, and still look like me when I walk out the door. I once read an article where SJP talked about how she doesn't like wearing concealer because she thinks it makes her a fraud, and as funny as that is, it really got me thinking! Everyday when I wake up, I really do have duffle sized bags under my eyes, and while I used to try to smother and kill them with all the creams and thick concealers I could find, I'm pretty okay with them now. So I won't go as far as putting nothing under my eyes, but I do like a little bit of coverage that doesn't leave me feeling like I'm trying to fool the world. And as for the rest of my face, everything is pretty lightweight - every freckle is left unharmed, and every blemish just slightly camouflaged!  

Anyway, all that being said, I wanted to share a video of my morning beauty routine. This is pretty much what I do on a daily basis, and it just happens to be that I almost only use Glossier because it's what makes me feel beautiful 🙂 

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