"How do you describe your style?" A question I've literally never been able to answer confidently. Why? Because "inconsistent" is kind of a shitty answer. I get dressed each morning depending on my mood, and as a Pisces, you can expect my mood to change almost by the minute, leaving each outfit usually quite different from the last.

Some mornings I get up and know exactly what I want to wear in a matter of minutes, while other mornings I try on my entire wardrobe and end up frustrated because I don't have that one piece that would seemingly complete every look (whatever that piece may be). We call the latter a kit crisis - a near meltdown because you're not stoked on anything you try on. I find I'm more likely to have a kit crisis after getting too inspired by someone else's style. Rather than just running with a few styling ideas you appreciated from their outfits, you go full blown 'I'm going to wear sweatpants and heels, and then I'll look like Bella Hadid.' The truth is, no matter what I put on my body, I am always going to look like me, and in times of a kit crisis, that's important to remember.

Identifying details of what makes you happiest in each outfit can be an important part of a) figuring out what your style is, and b) preventing future fit meltdowns. Although it's taken 24 years, I think I've finally figured out what that is for me -  a mix of boy and girl in my outfits. It doesn't usually matter how I incorporate it, but they both have to be there. In this look, I'm wearing all men's clothing, with a touch of lady in the form of my white ballet heels. This outfit could easily have been paired with sneakers, but the addition of the heel rounds everything out for me. Having finally figured out this (very complex lol) formula, it now makes sense why I rarely feel comfortable in something like heels and a dress (but throw on an oversized biker jacket and I'm there for it!)

While you're all probably thinking 'wow Rebecca, it's not rocket science, we could have told you that,' it's nice to figure something like this out on your own, because then you know that your realization is coming to you in its truest form. And while my response to "how do you describe your style?" may still be a little flakey, in my opinion "girly boy" is a much better answer than "inconsistent".

Photos by Pat O'Rourke

Hoodie - Vans (Similar here)
Shirt - BTL (Similar here)
Pants - Vintage Dickies (Similar here)
Belt - Gap
Shoes - Zara (Similar here)
Glasses - Ollie Quinn