The holiday season really speaks to me. Well truthfully, it speaks to the shopping addict in me. All year round I try to hold back and not blow all my cash, but come December 1st, I unleash the beast within. 

This gift guide includes a collection of items I am currently enjoying, or am currently lusting after. You've got the classic pieces like socks and candles, and the fun pieces like faux fur jackets and corsets, and it's all arranged from cheapest to most expensive. Give it a look over and maybe you'll find something for that person who already has everything. Or maybe you'll find something for yourself - no judgements here!

Okie Dokie - $11 
Country Butter Socks

I've never shied away from a bold sock and these are definitely cuter than the black socks "Santa" is leaving in your stocking. - $22

This agenda comes with some of the cutest stickers possibly in existence. Good for sticking in the agenda, or on a friend. 

The Good Company - $25 
Good Time Tote Bag

A classic tote shape from a good company....... sorry.

Iris Denim - $28
In Dangerous Company Tee

My current favourite graphic tee. Nothing like being dangerous. 

Na Nin - $ 28
Black Pepper/Cedarwood Candle

Candles either say 'I had no idea what to get you so I got you a candle' or 'I know you so well I knew this would be your favourite scent,' so choose wisely!


Boy Smells - $29
Gardener Candle

Another candle, but another great one. My favourite scent so far from the Boy Smells line. 

Ruthie Barone - $30 
"Cloud" Top

I've followed Ruthie Barone on Insta for a little while now. She posts eye makeup looks and has probably made it into my 'saved' folder more then anyone else out there. She's now putting her art on tees. I couldn't be more thrilled. 

Eleventh House Jewellery - $35 
Chain Link Necklace

A chunkier chain than you may be used to; perfect to 'edge-up' any outfit.

Darner - $38 
Powder Blue Mesh Socks

For the person who loves fancy socks. This will take their collection to the next level.

Make Beauty - $40
Celeste e Verde Palette by Maryam Nassir Zadeh

I just want to cover my face in all 8 of these products. I think you're friends will like to do the same.  


Above Average - $58 
Mini Gold Hollow Hoops

Teeny tiny hoops that won't fail you because they are so gosh darn cute. I have the larger size and wear them nonstop. 

Chez Bippy - $70 
Switch Stripe T

Handmade with love in Toronto, gifted with love where ever you're from.

Glossier - $75 
Glossier You

I finally ordered a bottle of this, but have been obsessively sniffing the 'Scratch 'n' Sniff' sticker since I got it in my last Glossier order. I can tell, this is going to be a good one. 

F.Miller - $78
Face Oil

A golden bottle of magic. That's all you need to know.

Bianca Chandon - $90 
Circumflex Long Sleeve Thermal

A classic white shirt with a ringer collar. Perfectly safe gift for anyone.

Sonyalee - $150 
Stephanie Chain Wallet

The best update possibly ever given to the chain wallet we all used to know and love. I  have yet to get my hands on this angel, but I imagine this wallet to be a game changer for your bottom half. 

X-girl x MADEME x Vans - December 15, 2017 Release
Shoes, Shirts

This collab isn't out yet but I can already tell I'm going to want everything in it, so your friends might as well!

Everlane - $168 
Long Puffer Jacket 

It's really just a gift of warmth, and if you too are from Canada, isn't that the best gift of all?

Poppy Lissiman - $190 
Borsa Shopper Pink Patent

With the red and pink colour pairing, this is a gift that will make your friend think you know what's up when it comes to trends (even if you don't). It's also a millennial pink dream come true, so you could truly do no wrong with this one. 

Orseund Iris - $230 
Structured Corset Black

I have wanted this for so long I can't even tell you... I'm hoping you buy it for someone and they post a lot of photos on Instagram of them wearing it so I can live vicariously through them... 

Jakke - $240 
Kristie Blonde Faux Fur

Only give this to someone who loves hugs, because everyone will want to hug them.

Orseund Iris - $260 
Off Shoulder Knit Red Top

Another shirt I've spent too long drooling over behind my computer screen. Please buy it and email me photos of your friend wearing it. 

Sunnei - $315 
Everyday I Wear Sunnei Sweater

A classic crew with a cute graphic. There's not much more to say other than this sweater is great. 

Sunnei - $532 
Yellow Sweater

If the bottoms weren't sold out I'd be suggesting this as a full on suit, but they are, so buy this sweater for a bold friend. 

Scapes NY - $680 
Fleece-Lined Commuter Jacket

My heart melts when I look at this jacket, and I look at it a lot. Right when I thought it couldn't get any better, it's fleece lined.