I'm always thrilled when I come across products that are made in Toronto, and F.Miller can’t really get any more local (the studio is literally up the street from my apartment). After stumbling across the brand in Easy Tiger, I did my research and realized that these were the products I had been looking for, just without realizing it yet. The oils are simple but effective. They offer a multitude of benefits sans complication because you only need one product, not a whole cupboard full.

My skin is sensitive and doesn’t always react well to everything, but F.Miller gets that. The products we’re originally mixed as a way to keep Fran’s (F.Miller’s founder) eczema and psoriasis at bay. Knowing that made me feel confident that each ingredient was thoughtfully combined, keeping in mind the skin’s natural sensitivities.

For the past week or so I’ve been using the Face Oil and the Body Oil, and let me just say, F.Miller has found a lifetime customer in me. The Face Oil works fantastic on it’s own as a moisturizer, as well as under a moisturizer if you have the driest apartment in the world like me. It also smells amazing with no added fragrances, so there’s no complaining here! Aside from the visual textural improvements, and the amazing hydration of my skin, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skins redness (or now, lack thereof).

The Body Oil is very exciting to me. I’ve never been a fan of the creams and lotions you find in most shops because they are usually overly scented and seem to do more drying than hydrating. And while great, coconut oil just doesn’t give me the moisture I need. The Body Oil makes my skin feel and look smoother, and because you apply it right after getting out of the tub, your skin never has that tight itchy feeling.

When you find a product that is able to make huge improvements (and within the first week!) on any skin issue you have, and is as pure and natural as the body itself, I consider that a major win. Introducing to you, my new skincare obsession, my holy grail products, the best thing to happen to my face and body, F.Miller.