This time a year kind of sucks for getting dressed. You've been wearing the same old same old for the past few months, and even though you're ready for a weather change, Mother Nature is not. While you slide on the same pants and same knit you've been wearing day after day, you dream of the new arrivals section on your favourite website, salivating at the thought of shorter hemlines and fewer turtlenecks. But as you pull on your thinsulate lined boots, you are snapped back into reality that it is still winter outside, and your wardrobe is as stale as it could be. So here, embark on this solution journey with me, as I offer tips and tricks to adding some life back into a wardrobe that has seen better days. 

(sweatshirt describing my feelings found on Pinterest lol)


This is a big step and one that I feel is often overlooked. It feels almost counterproductive to be getting rid of clothing when you feel you have nothing to wear, but narrowing your closet down to things you actually like can provide some real clarity. You're able to spend less time rooting through your stacks of stuff, and can now easily find that floral bow neck top from last year you had totally forgotten about.

I suggest being ruthless - make 3 piles, one for donation, one to sell, and one to keep. Aim to only keep items that truly bring you joy. The rest? Throw 'em in the other 2 piles. I recently ripped through my closet and donated a bunch, but have also listed some stuff on my Depop. Click here to check it out.  


Buying a few smaller accessories can make the world of a difference when trying to spice things up. They instantly make the old feel new, and the dull seem fresh. Pick something up with a splash of colour, or some statement jewellery, like hoop earrings the size of your head.

Scour the Web

Repin, tumble, save, repost; find the inspo you are needing and make a mood board! Collect images of what you love - outfits, art, colour palettes, food, anything. Hang onto these sources if inspiration so when you are needing a bit of a boost, you have it!

Online Shop

I don't mean actually online shop, but browse the new arrivals on some of your favourite sites and take inspo from the styling. There are a lot of extremely creative people involved in shooting e-commerce content, so take a look at the way they style things and see if there is anything you can apply to your current closet. Some of my favourites are ADER Error, Zara, Orseund Iris, Scapes NY.


This isn't a guarantee cure to your wardrobe winter blues, but in my experience it certainly helps carry you through to the next season. We will celebrate the day when we can don bare legs and spring jackets, but until then, we'll make do!