I’m currently sitting at my makeup table, mask on face, staring at the beauty products that have made it into permanent residency on my table top. I’ve pushed myself out of my usual routine this year; I’ve added toners, serums, oils, sprays, in an attempt to decipher the rubik's cube like algorithm that is my skins happiness. While my skin hated some things, it loved others, so here is a list of the latter, aka, my fave beauty picks of 2017!

Tool - Mask Brush

We’re starting off on a funny note here, but for me a super relevant one considering I’m currently masking. Not long ago I wasn’t crazy about applying masks, and to be honest, it was mostly because I hated having the product all over my hands. I know, I know, cry me a river, but it can really turn a person off of the act altogether! Anyway, my gf Kyla sent me the best package ever earlier this year which included a tub of Glamglow Firming Treatment mask. I do love that mask, but what actually filled the void within my soul was the tiny little mask brush that came in the package. Just think, a brush whose specific purpose was to take care of the thing that I hated most - life.changed. You can essentially use any foundation brush to apply a mask, but this one is just such a cute size and is super easy to clean.

Serum - Glossier Super Pure

I’m going to be honest - I can be skeptical when it comes to skincare products. When the results are quite subtle, it’s hard to be sure if there actually are any results or if you’re imaging that little $60 tube is doing something. When it comes to the Glossier Super Pure serum, I noticed some serious results when I ran out. My skin went from clear and healthy looking to clogged and bumpy. I know this was my skin throwing a tantrum, one which I’d love to avoid in the future, so I have made the executive decision to make sure to keep an emergency bottle of the Super Pure stashed away in my cabinet. Problem solved.

Eye Cream - Mario Badescu Olive Eye Cream

Eye creams are something I’ve started using more recently. While the bags and puffiness under my eyes may be a combo of genetics, poor diet, and not getting enough sleep, naturally, being me, I decided to try and fix these issues topically. I’ve used a few expensive eye creams in the past and haven’t been too thrilled with the results (or lack thereof), so I decided to go out on a limb and try a cheap alternative that I knew nothing about lol. I haven’t been using this eye cream for more than a few weeks, but I wanted to give it an honourable mention because I’ve found that so far, it’s done more than any other cream has. In addition to the aforementioned concerns that I have regarding my eyeball area, I’m also getting older, and this cream is so hydrating I can feel within my heart (and under my eyes) that it is doing it’s best to fight off wrinkles. Thank you Mario Badescu Olive Eye Cream for joining in the fight to keep me young looking forever.

Primer - Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - Radiance

Many of you have probably heard me raving about this primer in the past, but truly, I want to scream my love for it from the rooftops for all to hear; I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a beauty product more. On the rare occasion that I forget to put it on, I seriously consider washing my face and starting over. Spoiler alert! My all time favourite dewy combo is using the Radiance primer before applying makeup, and the GlamGlow Glow Setter to set (see below for more love about this spray). HELLO GLOW. Do this then take a selfie, I promise, your skin will never look better.

Cheek - Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff and Haze

I’m cheating a little bit on this category by selecting two colours (won’t be the last time), but I really can’t decide which I like more. I think it partially has to do with my hair colour - when my hair was a little darker, I really loved the softness of Puff, but now my hair is lighter I really love the combination of my blonde hair and Haze. But some days I layer the two! I’m an indecisive mess I tell ya. Anyway, I love how natural the product looks on the cheek; it really enhances the “me-ness” of my face if that makes sense. Probably doesn’t lol.

Brow - Glossier Boy Brow in Brown

It locks. It loads. It gives me the brows of my dreams and then some. I’ve literally been through at least 10 tubes this year. Need I say more?


Eye Product
We’ve got another tie folks, so let me break each one down individually.

Makeup Forever Aqua XL Paint Shadow
If you’ve seen any of my saved photo ‘mood boards’ on Instagram this year, then this product being one of my favourites will come as no surprise to you. A common (and unintentional) theme amongst all the moodboards is a bold and saturated eye look. I personally love wearing an editorial-esque eye look paired with a really casual outfit like jeans and a tee.

The Aqua XL just does it all for me. It’s a cream so it’s easy to apply, it dries down and doesn’t crease, and it lasts until you wash it off. I’m saddened to say I only have it in the yellow, but I have big plans for the new year, and by big plans I just mean buying all of the colours.


Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow
I’m glitters #1 fan. Well, maybe #2 if you put Pat McGrath in the running. I’ve spent most of the year applying vaseline and loose glitter to my eyelids whilst simultaneously crossing my fingers and praying the fallout doesn’t ruin the rest of my face. You could imagine my excitement when I found my dream alternative to the previously mentioned messy duo. The liquid eyeshadow is so versatile; you can apply a lot so your eyelids look as glittery as crystal chandeliers, you can apply a little and buff it out for a softer but still dreamy look, you can use it as a glitter eyeliner for just a touch of glam, and the list goes on. I use these shadows at least once a week, and still look forward to each squeaky clean application.

Setting Spray - GlamGlow Glow Setter

Hellooooooo glow! I am a massive fan of this setting spray for the following reasons: a) It smells delicious, b) it has a fine mist, and c) it takes my skin to another world of dewiness. As mentioned before, when used in combination with the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Radiance, your skin starts to emit its own light. Not actually, but it certainly seems that way.

Lip - Glossier Lip Gloss

If you watched my LA vlog where I unboxed a bunch of Glossier, you’ll have witnessed me near tears after opening the Lip Gloss. I just want to make it clear, I nearly cried of happiness after receiving a second bottle of Lip Gloss that I already own… That’s a good gloss. It’s clear, not shimmery, not too sticky, with a shine that could make an ice sculpture jealous. I love it so much I’ll even wear it on a windy day and just embrace my hair sticking to my lips.

Hair - R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse

I’ve never been into hair products. My hair is so straight it doesn’t really do much, and I always felt after a battle with my hair, my hair would come out on top. My hair stylist Nicole introduced me to this mousse about a year ago and now I don’t think I could ever go without. It adds volume, hold, and texture all without any crunch or yuckiness. I actually just ran out of my bottle and had to go 2 washes without the product - talk about a hat week. Anyway, Nicole, you’ve converted me. I will never not be using hair product again, and will always be DMing you my questions on whether or not a product will work in my hair. Sorry in advance! Lol.

Fragrance - Glossier You

I’m going to be honest, I tried really hard not to buy this perfume. Not because I didn’t want it, but because I have two other full bottles of perfume sitting on my vanity. I avoided the tester bottles, I avoided my friends who wear the fragrance (well, avoided smelling them at least), until one day I received a Glossier order with a wee textured sticker inside. Childhood instincts took over and before I knew it I was scratching and sniffing the cute little pink sticker again and again and again because I couldn’t believe the amazingness I was smelling! I couldn’t get enough! I texted my friend Vanessa sharing my woes, and she basically wrote back ‘Lol just order it’. Well you certainly don’t need to twist my arm. My order was placed within minutes and Glossier You is now my everyday perfume. I love it so much and look forward to it being the scent of my mid 20’s.